Monday, March 24, 2008

Banana Bread Monday

Steve has been wanting banana bread (sadly, it's not my favorite treat to make or eat), so I promised him I would help him make some over the weekend to take into work today. We did a little TasteSpotting search to see what kind of banana bread bloggers are making these days, and came across the chocolate marble banana bread from Eating Out Loud and the beautiful banana bread/cake from Rasa Malaysia. We used the wonderful recipe from Eating Out Loud and the great idea of the banana slices on the top of the bread from Rasa Malaysia and we were set!

I love the swirl of the chocolate throughout the loaf and for a non-banana bread eater, it was actually pretty good (chocolate always helps, doesn't it?). The added banana slices on top make it look extra fancy!


kooky said...

Two loaves of this disappeared in about an hour at work.

Tracy said...

I make banana bread all the time -- I'll definitely put that one on my list.