Monday, March 10, 2008

Wedding Bells

Over the weekend I made my first cake that I was "hired" to make, for a friend's cousin's bridal shower. What pressure! And with pressure...came disaster. One layer decided not to bake all the way and had to quickly be remade and replaced, another layer decided to crack as it was being positioned on top of another (thanks to the powers of buttercream, it was saved). There's a laundry list of setbacks - not enough buttercream to go around, uncooperative fondant. You name it, I experienced it.

But I finished, and at the very least, the cake was tall. And tall is good, right? And I know the cake is tasty - bottom tier of white butter cake and strawberry filling, top tier of chocolate butter cake with Oreo buttercream filling, slathered in buttercream and wrapped in mm fondant. Delicious! And, of course, topped off with a cute little gum paste bow and surrounded by fondant pearls, who can resist?

But I definitely learned not to bite off more than I can chew - the next cake will be one fabulous tier that I can perfect and make beautiful. I'll just make it an extra-tall tier for dramatic effect!

Look at my review of Wilton's Gum Paste that I used to make this bow with on!


Sarah said...

Well, it looks like it turned out fantastic.

I had my first try-number-one baking success this weekend…baked doughnuts. My dough even doubled in size like it's supposed to. Thanks for inspiring to deep my toes into the baking pool.

Emiline said...

Ahhh, the powers of buttercream.

I think it looks great. Very clean and professional looking. I think you've found your calling!

Alexandra said...

It looks amazing Laura! I'm so impressed!

Tracy said...

I think it looks fantastic. You were very brave to take on a wedding cake.

Laura said...

thank you all...and no no no I would never take on a wedding cake! This was for a bridal shower ("Wedding Bells" may have been a misleading title...that's what you get for blogging first thing in the morning!).

Not ready to make a wedding cake yet...after this last experience, I might be hanging up my cake decorating hat for awhile!

Stacie said...

Great looking cake! I wish I had enough patients to decorate like this and others I've seen :)

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Your cake turned out fabulous! I the colors and tiers!