Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving Day Bliss

Moving generally isn't associated with "bliss" ... but despite the torrential rainstorm we endured while moving out of our apartment last weekend, nothing could have been more blissful than moving into our new condo! Steve and I took the leap into home ownership, and after months of planning and a week of painting we were finally able to move into our new digs.

To help ease the pain for everyone else (as they were not nearly as excited about our new condo, why should they be? They were "voluntarily" lugging boxes in the rain), I said farewell to my much-hated apartment kitchen with one final bake off. Amidst all of the boxes, half-packed ingredients and with cookie sheets strategically balanced on the garbage can, microwave and over the sink, I was able to help our friends feed their faces with some of the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever made (and tasted!), a batch of Ginger Chewies, and mini chocolate chip muffins.

Now we've unpacked the last box, have pictures on the wall and yesterday I was finally able to bake for the first time in the new, beloved kitchen. So much counter space! An oven that isn't sitting unevenly on the floor! A garbage disposal! I had forgotten such wonders existed. I hope to post some pictures this week of the new and fabulous kitchen as well as some baking adventures in the new place.

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Leslie said...

Moving is always such a nice always get ride of all the crap that isnt needed anymore. I love the ginger chewies!