Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taking a leap!

So, I'm about to take the first steps toward getting some schoolin' in this whole baking thing. Kendall College offers a Baking & Pastry Certificate, which seems to be geared toward people with full-time jobs with evening classes. I have a meeting next week with the admissions advisor so I can learn more specifics about the program and determine when I would want to start. I'm tired of being too scared to try something new, or push myself beyond what I do from 8-4pm. I want to make 18 types of tarts, learn how to temper chocolate, ice a cake and make the puffiest puff pastry. It's nice to feel like I have something I'm passionate about, and I want to follow that passion. I love my day job, but making spreadsheets and pushing paper, no matter how great the cause is that I'm working for, doesn't equal the feeling of making the perfect loaf of bread.

Current Status:
  • I ran 2.5 miles tonight, on my own without relying on Steve to motivate me;
  • Currently reading Capote's In Cold Blood (excellent, but depressing, read);
  • Planning to bake mini caramel apple tarts, earl grey truffles, and Danish pastries this weekend;
  • Steve and I will be carving our pumkin, Jacques, this weekend (this is Steve's FIRST pumkin-carving experience!), and I plan on roasting up the seeds to munch on while we have a horror-movie fest.
TGIF tomorrow...I'm ready for a break!

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