Sunday, November 4, 2007

Anyone need a cake?!

I had the chance to make some mini cakes (with 4-inch cake pans and a mini heart-shaped pan) this weekend for decorating practice. I had forgotten how much work goes into the process - whether the cake is 4 or 14-inches. Cake batter, marshmallow fondant, buttercream icing and royal was an all-day affair and a lot of work. In the end, I had fun, the pieces I made with gum paste turned out well, and I'm ready to make another cake for a special occasion.

I like this squiggle cake - not nearly as good as the example I had in a book, but a lot of fun, and the gum paste flowers look cute on top.

If I had a baby shower for someone coming up, I could totally do a larger version of this cake... (after painstakingly working on this bear for nearly an hour, I watched a youtube video where a woman showed how to make one in a matter of minutes. Who knew?!). I've never really worked with icing before, so I'm slowly learning how to work with the different tips. I'm not quite ready for flowers yet, but this border came out pretty well (for a beginner).

Now I'm ready for some real cakes. I feel like I keep on learning and learning, and have come leaps and bounds since I made the baby shower cake in August. Anyone with a party coming up who wants me to make them a cake?!

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