Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween has come and gone...

...and now it's November!! How do the months keep zipping by? I think in part I've been "working for the weekend" a little too much lately, causing me to lose weeks at a time.

I did stop myself long enough to celebrate Halloween - in baking, however, not in spirit. This year, I did not consume copius amounts of alcohol while running around the city with wreckless abandon. I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to share with the world the "sexy version" of my favorite childhood storybook character or favorite animal. Because, you know, who doesn't love a sexy mouse or sexy Rainbow Bright?

Instead, I made some not-so-sexy chocolate "mummy" cookies, a great idea from Baking Bites. And, although I can't stomach the real candy corn, I fully support the rights of these cookies to "dress up" like candy corn - what an ingenious (and tasty!) idea!

I've started experimenting with gum paste and spent about an hour last night creating a teddy bear. Yeesh. I hope to make some cute little mini cakes this weekend to play around a little bit - what fun!

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