Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving pies....take two

Because Steve and I weren't able to enjoy Thanksgiving this week (and because I had loads of apples ready to go into a pie), I made a couple of mini cranberry almond apple pies. Steve didn't get to taste any pie last weekend so these little pies were his treat after days of eating pb & j.

In return for pie, Steve designed the header for my blog so it looks a little less lame than the generic header.

Alright, must plan out the gingerbread house I want to make...any ideas for a theme?


Anonymous said...

Ok these are my absolute favorites! Seriously....i heart anything mini (as you know) and these are just too cute. You really need to start a side business lady.

BTW_ didn't know you wanted me to comment on your blog on the actual blog...i always tell you how much i love it though. :) Honestly, i can't look at it too much - makes me hungry and i have a wedding dress to find!!!

Tracy said...

I think your boyfriend did very good job on your header! I like it! I hate my generic one.