Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wedding Shower Test Cake

A co-worker has "hired" me to make a cake for her cousin's wedding shower in March. Eek. A whole lot of pressure, making a cake for someone I haven't met - what if I ruin her shower with a crooked, squashy cake?!

To ensure I'm up for the challenge, I made a test cake today. After completely trashing the kitchen, I emerged with this cute little package, which will accompany Steve and I to a New Year's party tomorrow. It's a butter cake with strawberry filling - nothing too crazy, but hopefully tasty. The actual cake will be similar, but will be two stacked packages, very close in size, and I think maybe two different shades of pink. The bow is made out of gum paste, and I'm pretty proud of my first bow adventure. Gum paste is amazing stuff to work with. The cake is covered with a layer of buttercream frosting and mm fondant.

This day of baking was filling with challenges - a layer that (I) broke in half and had to remake, fondant that just didn't set up the way it usually does and was a nightmare to work with, accidentally dying some frosting hot pink (which I used to write on the gift tag with). But overall, I think it's heads and shoulders above the cake I made for Darcie's shower in August, and with a few refinements I'll be ready to go in March!

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kooky said...

This turned out beautifully!

Tracy said...

The cake is adorable!

Happy new year!

laura said...

That cake is adorable. I want!

Emiline said...

It's purty. I've never worked with gum pasted before, and I've only worked with fondant, once.
So I'm admiring your work. It looks great!
I might hire you to make my wedding cake.
First I need to find a boyfriend.

Rebecca Medley said...

This cake is an absolutely amazing piece of art. My mother ran a baking business from our home when I was a child, and I witnessed it all, from marzipan that wouldn't hold up to the icing on wedding cakes literally melting off in the humidity. I used to bake, and every time kookybites posts a photo of one of your wonderful creations, I get that "feeling." :-)

Laura said...

Thank you all - this cake was a ton of fun to make and I can't wait to do the "real" one for the wedding shower in March!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Good grief that is beautiful!