Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bakin' a Resolution

With the launch of 2008, I thought it would be appropriate to making some baking resolutions. I'm usually all over the place with what I want to do, so hopefully this top ten list will keep me focused:
  1. A Charlotte
  2. Bagels
  3. Crumpets
  4. Develop a perfect pizza dough recipe
  5. Perfect my cookie decorating skills
  6. Chocolate Souffle
  7. Buche de Noel (my first attempt this last year was a flop!)
  8. Cake Eggs - the way Grandma used to make them
  9. Brioche
  10. Improve on leveling cake layers
In addition to these baking projects, I have another project underway. Over the Christmas holiday while at my parents' house, we started to go through my grandmother's massive recipe collection. From the looks of things, she had clipped out of the paper every recipe she found from the 1960s-1980s. From sorting through everything, we managed to find a collection of recipes that grandma made regularly - some family favorites that we haven't had for years since she passed away. Right now I'm working to type up the recipes and lay them out in a cookbook format. Then the fun will begin when I'll actually start the baking and cooking to check out the recipes and take pictures to use in the cookbook. So, hopefully there will be some posts soon sharing some recipes from Grandma Susin's kitchen!


Emiline said...

Ohhh...I get the name of your blog now.

If you find a good bagel recipe, let me know! When I made them before, they turned out soggy. (From boiling them) I think maybe you could just bake them, instead of boiling then baking.

Cake eggs??

kooky said...

check off #2... and they were delish!