Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Smoothie Time!

Steve is a smoothie addict. I think his breakfast, lunch and dinner would subsist of smoothies if he'd let himself. I like them too, mostly after the gym on a Saturday morning. But Steve definitely keeps up his smoothie consumption during the week, which means our grocery bills are continually weighed down with the frozen peaches and strawberries he buys to make these concoctions.

I figure an addiction of this kind is one we can support for the time being, but it does make me a little sad on the weeks I pay for groceries, when the icy cold bags of fruit are piled up on the conveyer belt. Oh, the baking supplies I could buy at Whole Foods in exchange for the fruit! Sigh.

Strawberry & Peanutbutter Smoothie
Recipe by Lazy Susin & Kookybites
Handful of frozen strawberries
2 ice cubes
1 banana
Orange Juice, as needed
1-2 tsp of peanutbutter (smooth, not chunky!)
Add ingredients to the blender. Start with less juice and add more as needed. Crank the blender up to high and see how it goes. Add more orange juice to get the desired thickness.

Check out my review of our KitchenAid Blender that we use to make smoothies on!


Anonymous said...

I love smoothies! This sounds like one I will have to try!

Olga Berman said...

Love how you are reusing Pom glass! I do the same thing: drink out of it and even use it as a vase :) I even brought one from Philadelphia back to DC!

Ms Unseen/MsF/Redlotusblossom said...

I've been a smoothy addict for years. They did a great job keeping me from getting fat in my 30s, when I would have one for dinner during the hot months of summer. These days, closer to 50 (!), when i want dinner I want dinner. Oh, well. Nice blog!

Emiline said...

Steve! You're being too selfish! Let her buy some baking supplies.
You should. He can go a week without his smoothies.

Wow, I sound mean. I was just kidding. This sounds really good - cause I love pb&j.

Becky said...

ooh this looks really good! i never would have thought of peanut butter.

Laura said...

Thanks all!

These definitely are a staple in our house, but we wonder about the smoothie "recipes" we see out there that call for scoops and scoops of sugar, craziness! These are deliciously fruity and sweet all on their own :)

Jo. said...

Ohhhhh I absolutely love this smoothie. It's one of my favourites :-)

Cathy said...

What a great smoothie will be perfect in the magic bullet.