Monday, June 23, 2008

Lactose Conciousness

We don't bring a lot of ice cream into our house, as it tends to bring on the lovely effects of Steve's lactose intolerence. He can have some dairy within reason, but ice cream is a sure-fire way to set it off with a vengeance! Unfortunately, he struggles to control his cravings when faced with the sweet stuff, which led to our impulse trip to Cold Stone last fall, conveniently on the night before we left on our trip to London...needless to say, he was in pain on the whole "L" ride to the airport. Poor guy!

Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives and recently in our neighborhood a place called Starfruit opened up. Their frozen treats are made from Kefir, a "probiotic dairy beverage." Kind of like yogurt, kind of not, but tummy friendly. It's a little more sour in nature, and quite honestly not a favorite drink of choice for me. But in frozen form? Not so bad. The selection of fresh fruit toppings at Starfruit are amazing and the pomegranate flavored frozen kefir is both tart and delicious.
I don't know if you'd necessarily come a running to Starfruit if lactose wasn't your enemy, but it has proved to be a tasty cold treat that feels at least a little healthy.

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kooky said...

Mmmm... starfruit. It's no gelato, but it still hits the spot!