Friday, June 6, 2008

"Little Bites" of Savory Muffins

We're having a little (last minute) work celebration today, so I volunteered to bring something...something in the category of a "little bite." Umm, ok. I don't really have a lot of appetizers in my repetoire, especially something that would travel easily to work, doesn't need to be served hot, etc. Everything I bring has to commute with me on the bus in the morning, and either has to sit at my desk until it's served or must be wedged into one of our two work fridges that are always overflowing.

With those limitations in mind, last night I made savory cranberry, cheddar and herb mini muffins, recipe found on Whole Foods' site. These easily fit into the genre of "little bites," and are low maintenance in the travel and serving departments.

Of course, it's only appropriate that I taste-test some of these last night...I was curious about the flavors and if everything really came together. I defintely could have kicked up the cayenne for a little more spice, and I think next time I would have topped them off with some shredded chedder before baking so that they would have cheesey tops. Otherwise, the flavors are subtle, but once you get a bite of a cranberry the flavors really come together. Definitely a recipe I will keep on the backburner and play around with a little bit, ready for the next time I need "little bites."


Emiline said...

Savory's a good idea. I don't think I've ever had one before. These sound good, since I love cranberries so much.

diva said...

savoury muffins aren't the most popular things among my group of friends but i adore them. definitely work that cheese in there! :)

think my favourite combo is still bacon, chives and cheese. mmmm.

fantastic photo.x