Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rosemary Walnut Pesto

I like to watch the Food Network while working out. Especially Paula Dean. Paula is always cooking something with bacon, so her show is immediate motivation to huff and puff on the elliptical until I've made my goal of 65 minutes/6.75 miles. As a general rule I don't tune into her show outside of the gym. But while I'm working out, I know that if I continue to meet that goal, day after day, week after week, maybe someday I'll let myself eat bacon again. Not that phony turkey bacon, but the real stuff.

After Paula Dean is on, usually Rachael Ray follows. Her food is not nearly as motivating. Beyond her retro-inspired kitchen that I love, the show is hit or miss. Last week I caught the tail end of Rachael making a rosemary walnut pesto, to which she added greens and lamp chops. It caught my attention because I had a whole bunch of rosemary left in the fridge after making rosemary flatbread. I left out the greens, because I don't really like 'em, and the lamp chops, because I didn't have any. Steve made some panko-crusted chicken breasts to accompany the pasta, and voila! Dinner was served.

The rosemary walnut pesto sauce was easy to make and I would use the recipe again, but with some minor adjustments. The sauce lacked a little something...a little oomph. A little lemon juice perhaps? Or maybe after a few more trips on the elliptical, I'll let myself live on the edge and do what Paula Dean has taught me...everything is better with bacon.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much any tv show is good, if you're watching it on the elliptical. I once got angry that they changed King of the Hill, which I watched while running, even though I never watched the show before, and never watched it again.