Monday, June 11, 2007

5:15 am .. what were you doing?

I don't know what you all were doing at 5:15 this morning, but I was running. Yes, Steve actually managed to drag me outta bed and into a pair of running shoes. Now, I won't disclose how far we ran (because, trust me, it won't impress you), but I was most definitely out and moving my feet for 45 minutes, which isn't half bad for that early in the morning.

Beyond being my food blog, this will also have to be my running blog, because I figure if I get to write about it, then I'll do it more, and the more I do it the more I can eat what I bake. That's the logic behind it anyway.

Hmm, I need to bake something this week so I can take some pictures ...

1 comment:

kooky said...

You need to get a camera! To take pictures while you're running. Oh, and of the stuff you bake, too!